Decorate house using wine barrels

Moving houses is a chance to reinvent one’s self. I know, from personal experience, that in the hectic period, filled with cardboard boxes and moving vans, that you can often forget how you want to design your new abode. What colour scheme? What era of design are you thinking of? Carpet or wood? Last year when my husband and I decided on moving into a larger space for the third daughter that was on the way, I remembered at last minute that I hadn’t thought of how I was going to arrange all the furniture.

Now when you’re on a budget, remember to always keep an open mind. Think about recycling old objects you might have stored away or maybe even about to throw out. Your old bookshelves? Maybe they’d be useful outside in the garage. Your washed out washing tubs? You could reuse it as a DIY garden box! Don’t restrict something to it’s original use. If you’re creative enough, you’ll find multiple purposes in one object.

For example, I grabbed an old wine rack that I had purchased from a two-dollar shop and set it next to my front door. Now it’s a shelf for my shoes! There’s no need to worry about mud being trekked around the house when there’s a rack specially to keep all our shoes in. Empty Wine barrels can be used as a beside tables. It gives the house a retro vibe whilst still being fully functional. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from friends for my ‘outside the box’ thinking on those tables. Also because they’re rounded, there’s not danger in kids bumping their heads on a sharp table corner!

You can even make furniture out of old scrap you can easily find or obtain. My husband constructed us a coffee table out of an old wooden box and a rectangular mirror from the old house. By the time he was done with it, it looked like it could’ve been professionally made!

If you’re interested in reinventing some pieces of furniture or making your own, check out some local Facebook groups or Do It Yourself websites for some tips and ideas. I’d recommend investing in a decent tool box or some paints if you’re interested in doing your whole house. Remember to always keep an open mind and good luck creating!